1.THE TREND: Two-piece look

This season, designers focused on hemlines, creating skirts with two distinct tiers. Call it an exaggerated form of the plume detail from previous seasons, and this time, its super flattering-the top tier is a genius way to camouflage wider hips.

2.THE TREND: Blush

Wearing a wedding gown in a non-white or ivory hue was, until recently, considered a radical move. Then, a few seasons ago,we began seeing subtle pops of color-from the faintest hint of silver or lilac to bright lettuce green-but color was still the exception rather than the rule. This season, however, blush and pink shades appeared on dozens of runways, marking its official debut as an expected-not quirky, wedding gown hue.

3.THE TREND: Lace Sleeves

Lace sleeves are perfect for the bride who isn’t into the strapless dress and wants to add that hint of elegance to her bridal look.

4.THE TREND: Sheer neckline

5.THE TREND:Non-Traditional Jewelry

6.THE TREND:3D Floral Gowns

7.THE TREND:Oversized Bows Gowns